• 1988 - Vi­ar Írn ═sleifsson
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Lubricating oil has many uses

Gunnar Sigur­sson, the Master of HlÝ­.
Gunnar Sigur­sson, the Master of HlÝ­.
A short story from the book Life and Histor in the Westfjords of Iceland.
Volume 1 Dýrafjörður.

In former years, when Ólafur Steinþórsson lived in Fremri-Hjarðardalur, he was one day suddenly summoned to Reykjavík to see a doctor. He had to make all haste in order to catch a plane at Þingeyri airfield. When he got there, he met Gunnar Sigurðsson, the Master of Hlíð, on his old Land Rover. These two friends got to talking through the open window on the door on the driverʼs side of the car.

“You’re a sorry sight to see,” said the Master. Are you going to Reykjavík in your workshoes?” Ólafur looked down and realised that he had forgotten to take off his shoes that he used while working in the cowshed and when doing masonry work and to put on his good shoes instead. As this transpired, the plane landed on the field.

The Master of Hlíð now thought quickly, as he has done before on occasion, and tore open the door, went to the back of the Land Rover and brought out a can of lubricating oil and a clean rag. Without further ado, he ordered Ólafur to remove his shoes, poured a liberal amount of oil on them and polished them vigorously.

It was a happy farmer and mason that boarded the plane at Þingeyri a short while later. The work shoes looked as good as new after the Master had worked his magic on them with the lubricating oil!

(Told by an eyewitness)

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